Wednesday, October 23, 2013

moving in

   Moving is always a lot of work. Packing, sorting, cleaning, moving, unpacking... the list goes on! I soon discovered the hardest part of this move was going to be figuring out where to put Andrew has already lived in this apartment for a couple years, so he was comfortably settled in before the move. Luckily, Andrew's been awesome about adapting and changing some things around to really make this space ours.
   Here's the progress so far of the spare room, which was briefly a man's cave/den, and is now a tiny work room that we share!
This room is so tiny, it's super difficult to take decent pictures. This is what was to the right; Andrew's guitar, Andrew's bookshelf and a leather chair.

We switched the chair to the far corner and added another bookshelf for my books, crafting needs, and teacher things.

And here's a quick little floor plan to show you the new layout thanks to (how cute is that little guitar)! I didn't take the time to put in the true measurements but it shows the desk and closet setup on the other wall which we have yet to tackle...

Hopefully we come up with some more ways of decorating and living in our small&cozy apartment! Let me know if you have any tips!!

-xox mae

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