Wednesday, October 9, 2013

one pan chicken alfredo

  Today was one of those days where it was hard to get motivated. Even after a shower I just wanted to sit in bed and mope around, but I forced myself to go out and pass out another resume. Since I was out I went for a walk in Bowring Park before coming home and trying out a new recipe!

Supper was a success thanks to Melissa at and her one pan chicken alfredo (check it out here!), with a few changes. I decided to add broccoli and instead of using heavy cream I used 3/4 cup of 1% milk, (roughly) 1/4 cup butter, and some flour to thicken the sauce. Over all I think it was a success because Andrew went back for seconds and we barely had any leftovers!

**(plus some broccoli I decided to add in last minute!)

After eating and cleaning up the (very few!) dishes, we had plenty of time for a brisk walk before the sun set! I could get used to not having to spend my evening washing dishes...

Happy Thursday!!

-xox mae

(shoutout to the a beatiful mess app for the fonts on my pictures!)

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